Friday, February 5, 2010

Yep, Another newbie! :o) Welcome Lucinda!

1. My Etsy shop name is From My Art To Yours

2. My first name is Lucinda.

3. I started my shop front in November, but didn't start listing until the last week.

4. I'm married to Russ.

5. My birthday is 5/5.

6. I live in Tennessee, USA.

7. My kids are Chelsea 17, and Sam 15. They're two really great kids.

8. I've been working with glass for nearly 20 years, and with fiber for about 8.

9. Free time? What free time?-) When I do have a little free time I like to get together with friends.

10. At present, I'm actually taking a little bit of a break. In the past, I've done Women's bible studies, taught Sunday School (4th & 5th grade, jr. high, and womens), sign language translation, praise dance, and drama writing and production. See why I'm taking a break?-)

11. I've been saved for 30 years.

12. My favorite item in my shop right now is some gorgeous soft and squishy yarn I recycled from three different sweaters and then gently plied together.

13. Have a place where missionaries could come and rejuvinate as well as learn different art projects.

14. I would have my aspiring chef son smoke something in his smoker.

15. Do I prefer salty or sweet snacks? Yes.

16. Our only pet right now is a mini dachshund named Lalo. We rescued him from a bad situation and I am ridiculously crazy about him. He loves fiber like his "Mom"!

17. Would I prefer hang gliding, bungee jumping or laying by the pool? Since I'm afraid of heights, I guess I would just "have to" take the pool!!

18. On a rocket to the moon? If you all had ever seen me pack, you'd know I couldn't just take one thing. Do they have weight restrictions on moon voyages?-)

19. No name.

20. I'm going to be listing more kits. Glass, more fiber. Lots of stuff!!