Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Newbie! Laurie!

1. Periwinkle Lime (

2. Laurie

3. Since August 2008

4. Married to my soulmate, Rick

5. 4/30

6. California USA

7. No kids, but we have two furry kids (Marlowe, a Tibetan Terrier and Bailey, a golden retriever)

8. I have been painting since I was about 8 years old

9. Walk, ride bikes, travel and just hang out with family and friends and pups

10. I am on the Childrens Ministry and my husband and I also lead a small group...right now we are studying Genesis in detail....very interesting!

11. Even though I always believed in God, I didn't give my life to Jesus and start having a real relationship with Him until 1998. My husband became Christians at the same time....what an awesome journey!

12. I think it would be "Good Morning Bluebird"....the colors just make me happy and cheerful and I love flowers and birds.

13. Own a successful bakery.

14. Homemade cookies, lemon icebox pie and bruschetta

15. That is tough...I love crunchy salty potato chips and I love cookies...toss up.

16. Same as 7 (Marlowe and Bailey)....precious furry blessings.

17. Hang glide. I've always wanted to try it and am sure I will someday. I have bungee jumped before (talk about an adrenaline rush) and sometimes it is fun to sit by the pool, but I don't think I'd like being waited on hand and foot.

18. Good music

19. Toots

20. I'm thinking about adding some jewelry with my art and maybe more accessories for kids rooms.


Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Laurie! Your cards are so bright and lovely! My favorite is your Pink Puppy Love - 3D. said...

Iam new to CAST also.I like your pop up cards and shadowboxes very creative,