Saturday, February 6, 2010

Say Hi and Welcome to Jaya!

1. Shop Name(s)

GreenTrunkDesigns, and a partner in my mother-in-laws vintage shop auntcarriesattic.

2. First Name


3. How long have you been a member of the Etsy Community?

November 2009…not very long

4. Married/Single? Spouse's name

Happily married to my wonderful Timothy

5. Birthday Month/Day... we don't need the year.


6. What state/country do you live in?

Upstate New York

7. Do you have any children? Will you tell us their lst name and age?

No children

8. How long have you been crafting what you sell on Etsy?

I’ve been crafting all my life…crafting what I sell on etsy only about 6 months.

9. When you have free time, what do you like to do?

Go trail running with my husband

10. Are you on a ministry team at your church or do you have your own ministry?

What type is it?

My husband and I are very involved in the youth ministry at our church

I also am a PraiseMoves instructor for the fitness ministry at our church.

11. How long have you been a Christian?

19 years

12. What is your favorite item in your shop right now?

This is such a tough question… I don’t make stuff I don’t like… so I love all my items…but since I have to pick…I guess my favorite would be my Mr. Man Mat Bag. I love its colors and quirkiness.

13. What would you like to do that you have not done yet?

Visit Ireland and Scotland

14. If we were having a team party, what would you be bringing?

Fruit and vegetable tray…we all need to eat more fruit and veggies.

15. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

Defiantly salty!

16. What type of pets do you have, if any?

None…but looking for a cute guinea pig to keep my husband company while I sew!

17. Which of these three would you prefer to do? Hang glide, bungee jump, or sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot?

I’m scared of heights and hydrophobic…so you wouldn’t find me doing any of those things…I love running and my husband and I enjoy bouldering, which is climbing small rocks--not cliffs!

18. If you were on a rocket to the moon, what is one thing you would want to have?

Some one who knows how to fly the rocket.

19. Does your vehicle have a name, if so, what is it?

Mine is the Batmobile and my husbands is Grover

20. Is there any other type of items that you would like to add to your current shop?

Shoes…I want to make shoes….

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