Saturday, February 6, 2010

A couple more newbies! Yay! Welcome John!

1. Soy Country Candles

2. John

3. December 25, 2009

4. Single

5. September 4

6. Grandville, Michigan

7. Three Charlene, Stephanie, Richard all late twenties

8. Not much longer than being on etsy, all come together at one time

9. All outdoor stuff, geocaching, riding my harley and fixing stuff.

10. No ministy groups at this time

11. April, 1994.

12. The mountain sage scent

13. Find peace in a relationship

14. Don't know what goes on at one so not sure. If good I would bake a desert, if gift a candle.

15. Sweet if my downfall.

16. A blue fronted amazon bird and a pond with koi and goldfish in my back yard.

17. Do not like heights at all so would have to be sit by the pond and get waited on

18. A way back home

19. Yes, #@%* junk

20. Yes, I made a electric warmer out of clay flower pots, but not really sure how well they would ship