Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome Kathy from AuntCarriesAttic!

1. My shop name is auntcarriesattic, named after my great aunt whose great vintage stuff I was not allowed to keep because I was only 8. Even then I knew vintage was good.

2. Kathy

3. I've been doing Etsy in a serious way since 9/09 when my daughter-in-law got interested. It's so much fun to have a partner!

4. Married, Gregg

5. 11/14

6. Connecticut

7. Annie, 17, Tim, 28

8. I've been collecting vintage forever (since I was a little girl) making things from vintage linens (dolls, angels, pillows, bags, clothing)for about 10 years.

9. In my free time I try to straighten and organize the mess I've made after I go through my vintage items! I also love thrift shops. And soaking things in Oxyclean.

10. Currently I am blessed to be leading a Bible study, The Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin, and an offshoot of that is that I am leading the group in a gift basket ministry whereby we reach out to others with a gift basket and prayer.

11. 30 years a Christian

12. I especially love the pillowcases with scripture on them because I feel I am combining the Lord's word with my vintage linens.

13. My husband and I would like to set up a foundation to aid loving Christian couples who cannot afford to adopt to do so.

14. I'd bring a gooey dessert.

15. Sweet!

16. Due to allergies, we can only have our pet guinea pig, Cinammon.

17. Are there any more choices? I'd rather sew.

18. sugar. I know, I'm supposed to say the Bible, but it's really sugar.

19. No,it's just a car that my husband is always cleaning.

20. Yes, I want to continue to develop the Christian scripture embroidery with all sizes of pillows. And baby/children's vintage clothing.

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