Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Purpose and Requirements of our Team's Daily Featured Seller

Acts 20:35, “Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

The entire focus behind having a daily Featured Seller on Team CAC is to take a moment out of our lives to uphold, uplift, encourage and edify another member of our team. Today’s society is focused upon the following, “Me, Myself and I.” Everyone puts so much effort into how to get ahead, how to be number one and how to be seen. This is not the mind of Christ.

With Featured Seller on Team CAC, we are not seeking for our own glory, though many of us have Etsy shops and are desirous of sales. We are taking a moment to be Christ-like, stop thinking of ourselves, and instead focus on one another; TEAM.

Here are a couple acronyms for TEAM

Together Everyone Achieves More
Together Everyone Accomplishes More

The thought of joining together is key…as a team we want to uphold and encourage one another. We do this through fellowship in the thread, through a prayer list, through sales support, and even through Featured Seller.

What is Featured Seller?

It is an opportunity during the week, Monday through Friday, to have your shop browsed through by other team members. The goal is to edify the seller. The other members are encouraged to find an item that they like in the Featured Seller’s shop, post a link to that item in the thread, and offer a reason as to why they like it. They could also take a moment to encourage the seller in regards to their entire shop, offer loving criticism and suggest helpful ways to improve the shop, and any other thoughts they would like to share to build up the seller. The goal is to take that specific day to uphold the chosen seller. We should also take a moment to pray for them. Maybe they have a personal need or struggle, known or unknown. We want to remember that Christ is the Head of our Team and we can go to Him at all times. We can simply pray blessings for the Featured Seller or even for sales. Whatever we are lead by the Spirit to do, to encourage, that is our goal. In the end, we will be blessed also.

Who can be a Featured Seller?

Any member of Team CAC on the member list can be chosen for Featured Seller, as long as they have taken time to post in their Shop Announcement or Profile that they are a standing member of this team. All teams have brandings, logos, names, and symbols. We can see this all around us. We know who we are by what we profess. As Christians, we need not be ashamed of Christ, and joining in membership to a team of believers is an honor. Please take a moment to let the Etsy community know you are part of Team CAC. Post - “Member of Team CAC ~ Christian Artists and Crafters” – either in your shop announcement or in your personal profile.

How is the Featured Seller chosen each day?

At present, the method for choosing the Featured Seller each day is as follows:

Beginning with the first letter of the alphabet, “A”, the first member on the Alphabetical team list will be featured, if they meet the above criteria(Who can be a featured seller?). The next day, the letter “B” and first member in that section; so on and so forth throughout the entire A-Z alphabet. Then the cycle begins again, going to the next person in the list for that specific letter. A record is kept of those who have been featured, so as not to continue to feature the same person, without giving the opportunity to others.

Of course new members join the team frequently, so the list of members to choose from continually grows. No one is being skipped over in this process, unless they have not listed “Member of Team CAC” in their shop. Please do not write and ask to be the Featured Seller or ask why you have not been the Featured Seller. It is simply because of the fact that it is not your turn yet.

**Let us take a moment to pause here and reflect again upon the purpose of Featured Seller. It is not so that your shop can be “seen”, just so that everyone knows who you are and what you offer. It is so that we can as a TEAM edify one another. If we keep this attitude of heart, we will not be offended in not seeing our shop as the Featured Seller. There will come a time for the other members to bless you with praise and encouragement, but there are only 5 days in a week and over 300+ members on the list, so that day might not come when we are expecting it too. In the meantime, let us instead be rejoicing with those who are featured and seeking to edify them during the day, as opposed to focusing upon ourselves.**

Thank you and God bless you for choosing to be part of a Team that is not self-centered. May the Lord richly bless the work of our hands as we seek to build His Kingdom and edify the other Members of our Team!


Hampton House said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Angela...I am always blessed when someone who has been chosen as the Featured Seller feels blessed. It's a good feeling to encourage someone each day! God bless.

PACountry said...

Thank you, Angela! My hubby always asks me (sarcastically) if my team is winning and I can always say YES! We have Victory in Jesus! No matter how many sales we get, by which others would measure success, we have what is most important! Love this team!

House of Istria said...

Hi! How do I become part of Team CAC?! Im following your blog :) but dont know how to access other things... ive found the forum on etsy??

Thanks so much


House of Istria

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful post HamptonHouse!

Truly wonderful words of wisdom spoken.

Penrose Designs said...

Angela - yea for this post! I'm one of those that felt left out as being a featured seller, until I was admonished by you, rightly so! I admire your commitment and strength to stand true to what is right and good in the Lord's eye! Thank you for all you do!

VivatRegina said...

I love this team! It's been such a blessing to me and I hope I can bless everyone as much as they've blessed me! :D

Carmen said...

Wow, thanks so much Angela, I feel honoured, although our family blog may not have our etsy shop listed at this time, we strive to edify, encourage and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and continue to glorify our LORD and Saviour. I feel blessed to know we are on a great team!

May you be blessed today!

shalom and blessings

Serenity Sacs said...

Thank you so much for making me the Featured Seller. What an honor and what a blessing to be part of this team.

God has blessed me and my little sobriety-inspired business beyond my wildest imagination.

Celebrated 4 years of sobriety yesterday and life just keeps getting better.

God is god!