Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome Helen!!!

1. My shop is called Serendipity Child,

2. My first name is Helen,

3. I have been a member of the Etsy community for only about three weeks,

4. I am married, my husband is called Paul,

5. My birthday is on the 31st of May,

6. I live in the UK,

7. I do not have any children, but want some!

8. I have been crafting the items I sell on Etsy for a couple of months,

9. In my free time I like to do painting, crafting, sewing, seeing friends, going to the cinema, going for bike rides.

10. I am not on a minestry team at my church, but I do attend a home group every thursday where we read Bible passages and discuss them.

11. I was brought up as a Christian but have become much closer to the Lord in the last few years,

12. My favorite item in my shop at the moment is my Rupert the Bear buttons/badges,

13. Something I would like to do that I have not done yet is sell something!! Plus I would like to include some embroidered items in my shop.

14. If I was having a team part I would bring cup cakes and a fun game!

15. I prefer sweet snacks, I am a total chocoholic!!

16.I have got two adorable guineapigs!

17. I would love to do handgliding.

18. If I was on a rocket to the moon and could have one thing with me (apart from the Bible of course) I would have moisturiser I think!

19. My vehicle does not have a name because I drive my husbands old car, but my old car was called the Ladybird.

20. I would like to add embroidered items to my shop and some of my art.

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Momma Liz said...

Hey, Welcome aboard, Helen. Glad you have joined us. Looking forward to seeing some of your embrodiery in your shop. I use to embodier, but haven't done so in years. I welcome questions about the team. Convo me at LadyMaysFabritque