Saturday, April 17, 2010

YAY!! Welcome Dana!!

1. Shop Name(s) MossFowerWoods Jewelry

2. First Name Dana

3. How long have you been a member of the Etsy Community? Since 2007. Really selling fulltime, Oct. 2009.

4. Married/Single? Spouse's name Married. Danny.

5. Birthday Month/Day... we don't need the year. August 5th

6. What state/country do you live in? California. USA

7. Do you have any children? Will you tell us their lst name and age? 3 daughters. Kirstsen, 37; Shannon 33; Alicia 31

8. How long have you been crafting what you sell on Etsy? 3 years, but I have always been creative since I was a young girl.

9. When you have free time, what do you like to do? Be with my grandkids & family, walk, walk and walk!

10. Are you on a ministry team at your church or do you have your own ministry? Neither. I am a devout Christian who doesn’t have a church at this time.

What type is it?

11. How long have you been a Christian? Born Catholic, however, when I was 28 I was reborn. It has been 30 years. Home fellowship was my church. My heart was embedded with the Word from the fellowship that I attended for years. When I take my walk everyday, I am in constant prayer.

12. What is your favorite item in your shop right now? Item #39429680 Mixed Metal Reverie. I love the colors.

13. What would you like to do that you have not done yet? Take the Pilgrimage Trail from Paris to Spain. Seeing the cathedrals and walking would be a dream come true for me.

14. If we were having a team party, what would you be bringing? My heart on my sleeve.

15. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? Salty

16. What type of pets do you have, if any? I rescued a pit bull 11 years ago. She is my sweetest, most wonderful dog I have ever had. Brynnie.

17. Which of these three would you prefer to do? Hang glide, bungee jump, or sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot? Hang glide and because I would be so scared after the fact, just that I did it, I would have to be by the pool.

18. If you were on a rocket to the moon, what is one thing you would want to have? My best friend and husband, Danny, right by me.

19. Does your vehicle have a name, if so, what is it? Sweet Thing. I am just so very happy that she still runs.

20. Is there anything other type of items that you would like to add to your current shop? Yes. But I won’t. I am starting a new shop. I am making retro aprons. I am not ready to open yet, but almost. I have gone back to my roots. I sewed everything when I was young. When I sew, I feel peaceful and have a wonderful calm feeling. I know that to be my Lord gently telling me I am on the right path.


Carly said...

Lovely items in your shop! Can't wait to see the aprons. Welcome!

PACountry said...

Sewing is really peaceful for me, too- until I mess up then I get grumbly and irritable!