Sunday, April 18, 2010

Listing Your Blog on this page.( Click this title)

Please convo TeamCACModerators your blog url only with please add to blog in the subject box.
I have done a house cleaning of the old list. There were a lot of inactive members and hardly any of the
active members at all on it. .... and well if the full truth be revealed, when I changed the background, they all disappeared. Sooooo if you want on here, I know how to do it now! :o)


Rustique Art said...

Nice background though! Looks great and everyone knows that when you clean, rearrange or have to redo something :) right?

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful scenery Hampton House!

I will send a convo to the moderator.

Have a blessed day!

Amaria said...

A pleasant place to visit! Beatifully done!

Lavon said...

Absolutely gorgeous "new look"! I like it. :-)