Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome Ming!

1. Mika Donshi.

2. Ming

3. I signed up in December but opened January 11(Human Trafficking Awareness day).

4. Single

5. 1203

6. FL/US

7. No children for now

8. I've only been making jewelry about a little over a year. I believe it was a God thing:)

9. I like to watch movies, go to restaurants, work on jewelry, and just being still.

10. I'm always seeking to educate myself on human trafficking; and what we can do to stop this terrible global issue.

11. Becoming a Christian for me was a miracle in itself. I've been seeing the greatness of God for about a year and a half now and can't wait to see greater things to come!

12. I love the Violeta necklace, it's delicate but makes a statement and the crystals gives a sparkle to eyes.

13. I would go to New Zealand and stay here forever...

14. Asian fusion food, I love to eat so I learned how to cook to support my habit.

15. Both, I need dinner and dessert.

16. I have a beautiful blue point Himalayan named "Enchandra", which means enchanting moonlight. She is just too cute!

17. Hang glide sounds fun.

18. Enough fuel to get back.

19. XB

20. Handbags, when I learn how to sew.


Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Ming! I checked out your shop. Lovely items. This one is my favorite: - can't resist garnets!


AMKreations said...

So nice to meet you! God bless!