Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Newbie! SheriAngellCreations

Answers to questionaire:


2. Sherri

3. I joined etsy in Jan. 09, began selling in Feb.

4. I'm Chuck Edens.

5. January 7th. is my birthday.

6. I live in the U.S.

7. I have two boys, Tim, age 15 and Caleb, age 11.

8. I sell embroidered hankies..I"ve been embroidering since I was about 14.

9. In free time, I love to read a good mystery, one that will keep up me past midnight.

10. We are involved w/ the bus ministry at my church. We are bus captains. My parents were missionaries to Nicaragua and Mexico, so I've been involved w/ church ministries for as long as I can remember.

11. I've been saved for 34 years.

12. My fav. item in my shop is my dainty hanky, which really was the item that started selling best on Etsy.

13. I can't really think of anything that I'd like to do that I haven't done...I'm not into mountain climbing or anything physical....I would like to reach 500 sales in my shop..does that count??? :)

14. For a team party, I would bring peanut butter fudge. Yum!!

15. I prefer sweets....CHOCOLATE!!!

16. We have two cats...I loved letting my boys see the beauty of kittens being born... The cats are both fixed now, and I miss the promise of baby kittens every May.

17. I would definitely prefer sitting by the pool and getting waited on hand and foot, oh yeah!!!

18. If I were on the way to the cell phone.???would it work????? so I could call my mom..."Hey Mom, you won't believe where I'm calling from!!"

19. We just bought a 'new to us' Camry this week, so I've not named it yet. But I'm sure we will.

20. I would like to just keep my hankies in my shop right now, but am considering embroidered pillowcases

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Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Sheri! Wow, I'm impressed. I didn't know people still used hankies! Very pretty! This one is my favorite -