Saturday, January 16, 2010


1. Shop Name:

2. Sandi is my name

3. I've been on Etsy about 6 months

4. Married to John

5. B'day: March 1

6. Livn in Alabama,US

7. Children: Naomi and Micah

8. I've been making and beading jewelry for about 10 years. I wirewrap and chain. I've recently started cold handforged items in copper and sterling. And I'm trying metalsmithing now.

9. My free time consist of the tweeting process(NEW to this 2) and updating web. My husband rarely sees me anymore. But we've seen each other for 30 years now, so...

But, we do have date nite every Saturday and we play cards once a week over at friends.

10. I do serve the Lord by singing on the praise team and love that! I also am a proud member of CMA(Christian Motorcycle Assoc)my twin sister and hubby rides a Harley and I help by supporting their prison ministry.

11. 20 years now, but born again Jan 4, 1994!

12. My fav in my shop is the Copper Drop'd Earrings. One of my first handforged items. Love copper, my drug of choice now!

13. skydive!

14. fruit loop candy, i'll bring to a meeting

15.,, wait...chocalate

16. i have a beayitful kitty cat, named "rainbow"

17. hang glide

18. the Bible,(and the Lord on my side to drive)

19. no, just greatful the old thing still runs...hey, mabe I shud name her to keep her going! Thanks for the idea!

20. I'm wanting and have opened up another site on etsy:

for vintage stuff and vinyl records and other stuff such as that. Or, I may just start a jewelry supply site..Don't know yet.

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