Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some Newbies!! Let's start with Debbie!

Hi! Ok, here goes.......

1. StationaryCreations ( spelled with an "a" as I am disabled or somewhat "stationary". play on words, usually no one gets it, they just correct my spelling!! LOL )

2. Debbie

3. Since Sept. 27 2008

4. Married to Peter

5. May 8

6. Massachusetts, USA

7.Three children... 21, 19, and 6. Nick, Gabriella, and Luke.

8.I have been stencilling for about 20 years, but houses and when pregnant, I did stationery for family. When I could no longer be a trauma nurse due to illness, my friends suggested I switch back to making cards again, which I have evolved the style of quite a bit.

9.I love to read!! I watch television, spend time with my children and husband, one sister is closest, she is a crafter also. I also just got a new bicycle, a beach cruiser, to enjoy a little non impact exercise and get out of the house.

10. I sell cards at church events and coffee hour when asked, and give a percent of the profit to the church, while spreading the word of God through my stationery and cards I sell, I used to garden for them but cannot anymore, I did do CCD, or Catholic teaching to the younger children before First Communion, I answer calls for help from anyone who is down or wants to have a visit.

11.I have been a Christian in my definition since 1995, when I took it upon myself to further my church participation and place my children in Christian schooling. My parents did not raise us with any religious participation for their own reasons. So I would say 1995, and definitely heightened in 2001 when I got very sick and began attending daily worship.

12. I would say my favorite item in my shop are my cards to be given out to Sobriety Groups, in which I hand stamp messages of Faith and prayers and such on Sobriety anniversary nights. ( AA, NA, so on) I like to have a person get a card with a personal touch, not from a chain store.

13. Visit the graves of my beloved grandparents, who lived into my 20's long enough to see my own children. But when I go there, or think of it, I cry and get very sad from missing them. They were a huge influence in my childhood, both sides.

14. My spaghetti sauce and meatballs with fresh basil in it from my organic garden.

15. Combination, Chex honey mix is sweet and salty!

16.I love dogs but we have allergy problems in the family.

17. Hang glide. I love the feeling of weightlessness!!!

18.My Guy de Maupassant book collection.

19. It does not, but it is getting on in years, so I think it will be named soon!

20.I would like to get good at personalized stationery, but I have not tried it yet, as my items are completely made by hand and the letters might come out crooked. ( I tried) I use no machines, not even to cut paper.


Christie Cottage said...

Hi to my friend Deb!

Hang gliding...whoa!!! Not me! LOL

Welcome to a wonderful team!

RoadToGrinnell said...

Yay, Debbie!

Dena E's Blog said...

How can I join this super group?
Here is my blog and website,,please let me know..


Bruce and Sheri said...

Debbie, Your profile is very inspiring! Sheri