Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to Tahra! :o)

1. DesignbyTahra

2. Tahra

3. Since December 2009

4. Married to a wonderful man, Floyd

5. 9/7

6. Orlando, FL

7. 4 children, Trey 11, Graham 9, Madeline 8, Savannah 4

8. I have been crafting jewelry for 3 years

9. I like to make jewelry with free time, spend time with my kids and husband,

serve by making meals for the sick or pregnant, read magazines, love cooking, baking

bread, and shopping on Etsy! I really like buying handmade things!

10. I am not on a ministry team at church but I homeschool my children, that is a ministry in and of itself!

11. I have been a christian since I was 8 and rededicated my life to Christ at 25.

12. My long turquoise necklace with sterling silver chain and a celtic knot pendant.

13. I would like to travel the world with my children, be a missionary, I would like to take a metalsmith class and a decorating class, maybe go to school to be a chef!

14. Food, I love to cook. I would bring goodies, baked items or appetizers!

15. Both, unfortunately I love food. I try not to snack too much, though! Popcorn is really good at night when I am hungry and grapes, healthy and low fat!

16. No pets, no time to take care of them! No back yard for them to run around either! My kids want one bad but we just don't have the time!

17. Oh this one is easy! Sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot! I love to serve myself so sometimes I get caught up serving others and don't take enough time for myself!

18. I would want enough power to return home or a phone to call home! I need my family!

19. My vehicle doesn't have a name but that is one area in my life I can't tame. I think I would call it MESSY!

20. I would like to take a metalsmithing class so that I could learn how to do the sterling silver name pendants. That would be so cool!

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