Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcom Pat!

Name of Shop: Cottage and Etc

First name: Pat

Length of time: 2 plus years buying and looking at Etsy. Very short amount of time, being active as far as having a shop.

Single (widow)

Birthday: 10/31

State: Georgia, USA

No children

I have been crafting all of my life. Since I am now semi retired after 40 years of working, I plan on sewing cottage style items with vintage linens incorporated in them. I also sell vintage linens, china and misc items with the cottage/vintage style theme.

When I have free time, I enjoy going to flea markets and reading decorating and how to magazines.

No I don't have a ministry team at church.

I have been a christian since I married in 1971 and was influenced by my mother-in-law. After my husband died in 1996, my faith has deeped and grown.

My favorite item in my shop is the black and gold vintage box purse.

What I would like to do is devote my love of cottage style into a business. I enjoy decorating my own home and stocking my small booth at an antique mall. I want to develope what I enjoy into a business that I actually put a lot of effort in.

If I had a team party, I would bring cuban sandwiches. Love cuban food.

I have two pets. My spoiled dog, Benny and my old spoiled cat, Smokey.

Sit by the pool. Can't even imagine hand gliding or bungee juming.

If I were on a rocket to the moon, I definitely would take my computer.

No my car doesn't have a name but I hope it keeps going. Don't want a car payment. I do take care of her though.

Just want to be around other christians in my business.


Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Pat! I love this:

See you on the thread!

jamfiescreations1 said...

Welcome to the team Pat. Hope to chat with you on the thread.

Blessings, Mary O