Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wecome to Pam!

1.My shop name is SOiNTOiT. Art production is a new venture for me. I feel excited and passionate about it.

2.My first name is Pam.

3.I joined Etsy in December. I have never sold artwork (one piece in the Hearts for Haiti Shop). This is a whole new world to me. I am learning SO much about the computer and promotion and business and group dynamics in the forums (phew!) and art guidelines etc. etc. etc. (I didn't even know what a blog was until a couple of months ago and now I have one!)

4.I am married to Bruce. We met in church about 6 years ago (I was widowed and he, divorced) We dated and then married about a year and a half ago.



7.I have 3 grown children; Rosa (32) Emily (30) and Woody (28). Bruce's daughter (Katie) is 31. I know you didn't ask but I have 3 lovely grand-children: Caleb 13 (my true prayer warrior!), Makayla, 10 (baptised down in the Feather River this summer) and Izabella, just 2. I get to babysit her on Thursdays!

8.I've only recently begun painting though have 'crafted' my whole life: knitting, crocheting, basket weaving, spinning, weaving, pottery, quilt making.

9.I've recently acquired 'free time' by retiring this past June. For twenty some years I have been a band director and classroom music teacher teaching K-12 in the CA public school system. I enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, camping, scuba diving, snow skiing (I grew up in Lake Tahoe) and reading. I like indoor, by the fire activities most of the winter.

10. I'm not currently in any ministry at our church but for years have done music ministry. I am thoroughly enjoying singing from the pews!

11.In my early 20's I gave myself to the Lord, not really knowing what that meant, and have considered my walk with the Lord an on-going, strengthening, essential, nurturing, very personal relationship, ever since. My faith and having the Lord as my savior, is one truth I can stand solidly on.

12.I think I like the process of creating the Etsy shop almost more than the artwork I've put in there. Seeing if I could produce artwork has been an interesting challenge for me. Then, on a hoot, I submitted one of my pieces of artwork to a magazine, in Dec. and they accepted it and one thing has led to another. Did I answer the question? Hmm, I think I like the ABC CarveBoardArt, which started this whole venture for me, the most. WEELLL, I like my cards. I have a feeling I'm going to be writing a lot of letters!!

13.With art? I would like to sell locally and have been encouraged to do so by some of my local artist hemming and hawing about the time commitments that would bring. I'd like to figure out what kind of art I enjoy the's in a truly exploratory stage right now.

14.I'd bring a lovely apple gavotte ala Julia Child!

15.I like both. It's a mood thing with me.

16.We have a Llhasa apso; a long-haired, sneezes and she gets a tangle, cuddly as a kitten(and just as needy) 4 year old that we dote on and sleep awkwardly and uncomfortably smooshed with so she has the warmest part of the bed between us spoiled dog.

17.I would like to go hang gliding and THEN sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot!

18.I'd want my Bible.

19.No name, just better-keep-runnin'-til-my-ship-comes-in!

20.I think this shop, like most ventures in my life, is all about learning. I'd like to continually add more mature inventory that shows an artistic growth. (I think I'd better take some classes!)

I look forward to making new friends and being involved in a safe and nurturing forum. Thanks for providing it. Pam


jamfiescreations1 said...

Welcome Pam, you will enjoy our team. Hope to chat with you on the thread.

William Dunigan said...


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Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Pam! I'm also from CA - the southern end. Your artwork is lovely. I love the colors in this one: