Monday, October 25, 2010

Team Treasury Challenge - Autumn/Fall

Hello all!

Regina here - I am one of the newest writers of the team blog. And I have a very special announcement for you all:

We are going to start a new team event that will take place once or twice a month. It is... a Team Treasury Challenge (TTC for short). So... you might be asking yourself, "Self, what is a Team Treasury Challenge?" Well... basically, we (as a team) are going to make Treasuries, promoting fellow team members, putting TeamCAC out there more as a whole to hopefully gain more exposure, all the while making a game of the whole thing and having lots of fun. Below are the rules which will hopefully answer any other questions you may have.

Here are the Rules:

1. All team members are allowed to participate.

2. To participate, you must make a Treasury that is your interpretation of the Challenge Theme. In this case, the Challenge Theme is Autumn/Fall.

3. You must include at least 10 items from TeamCAC members.

4. You must tag your Treasury with "teamcac", "challenge", "autumnfall", in order for your Treasury to be counted as an entry. You can use any other tags you want, but to be counted as an entry, it must include those three tags.

5. The top 10 (TEN) Treasuries with the most COMMENTS (not views, not clicks but COMMENTS) will be entered among the "Finals". The "Finals" will then be posted to the Team Blog where we all get to go vote for our favorites.

6. The top 2 (TWO) Finals with the highest number of votes will get a free ad on our Team Blog and a special feature on the team blog which will include items from their shop (or custom items they may do per request) and so on. The ads will stay up until the next winners are announced and then they will be switched out.

7. There is no limit to the number of Treasuries you can make, but you are only allowed ONE Treasury (per shop) in the Finals.

So... does that make sense? Clear as mud? Haha, go make your Treasuries with your interpretation of "Autumn/Fall" and make sure you tag it appropriately and make sure you use the appropriate number of team members. Remember... a variety of items is a great way to go.

The TTC will be open until Sunday, October 31st. Then I will start sifting through the Treasuries to determine the Finals and they will be posted on the team blog next week. So have fun and of course...

...if you have any additional questions regarding this TTC, please email me at



Lavon said...

Oh, this sounds like FUN! This might give me the incentive I need to start making treasuries. (and since your will be coming up with the theme for each one, I don't have to do that part! LOL)

Lavon said...

Okay, here is my Fall Treasury:
Hope you like it.

Momma Liz said...

I'm going to sweeten the pot. I will send the winner a golden harvest decoupage plate. So go Team CAC - let's see those treasuries.

2kutekreations said...

I better get to work :p

Hampton House said...

This is Bobbie's!

PACountry said...

Oooh! The team blog looks so pretty!!! I will definitely make a T for the challenge and I have a great idea! :)