Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Current Team Celebrity! Congratulations on being published in Bride's Magazine!

This is just a quick interview, I wish I could  visit with Amelie for a lot longer.  Check out her shoppe by clicking on the title of this post!

1)How long have you been making these wonderful pet hats?
I started making the hats about two years ago.

2)Where did the original idea come from to make them?
I was searching for a niche for my artistic endeavours. I was researching to see what I could offer on Etsy that would be unique (I also paint, but Etsy seems to not be a good venue for that). I found this incredible Japanese company that was making items for cats. Then I found the Alchemy listing on Etsy (request custom item), where somebody was looking for a cape and witch hat for their cat. That's how I started to recognize the need for specific, lightweight items for cats (although a small market), and I was ready to take the challenge.

3)Which is your personal favorite?
I like each one of them, but if I have to choose one... that would probably be the cowboy hat.

4)Tell us about the initial contact from Bride Magazine.
Brides Magazine contacted me back in May, and requested a few items. I was not sure if it was really them, and I posted on the team tread asking for input about it. 

5)Did you supply the pic for them, or did they do their own photo shoot with it?
I sent the items for the photo shoot, they took the pics and then sent the items back.

6)If you were overwhelmed with orders today how many would you be able to make in a day?
Do nights count? :) I am still working on picturing how it would be to be overwhelmed with orders. When I can, I will be able to figure that out.

7)Are your pet hats available anywhere other than etsy?
There is this new venue,, where I have items under the name Glamour Cat. 

8)Do you wear hats as your cat does? Do y'all have matching sets?
No, I don't, but I do wear berets in winter, and I plan on offering matching sets of berets in the future.

9)How were you notified of you hat actually making the magazine?
They contacted me through Etsy, letting me know which one was selected and when it would appear in the magazine.

10)Do you have any words of encouragement or insight on getting your work known so publicly?
God does make His things beautiful in His time. I would say to do everything as for God and His blessings will come in the right way, and the right time.


Hampton House said...

I am so excited for you and proud of you! Kudos!!

City On A Hill Creations said...

So exciting! What wonderful work you do. It is so good to see another artist who loves the Lord. Congrats!

PrincessEMarie said...

Congrats! You make such cute hats!

VivatRegina said...

I think that's SOOO awesome! Big congrats to you!!! :)

TatusWelle said...

Great Interview. Congrats!!! : )

Angela said...

Congratulations! How fun! :) Isn't it cool how God sends along these blessings to encourage us along the way?!

Laura said...

That is such wonderful news. Congratulations!

mamacooker said...

Congratulations! This is truly a blessing. Love the hat idea.

Katie said...

that is awesome!