Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to Annette!

1. Curlynetto

2. Annette

3. 2 years

4. Married to Bill

5. June 29th.

6. Virginia

7. Three grown stepchildren

8. Crafting beaded jewelry for 3 years

9. Walk on the beach, watch movies, read, church activities, spend time with friends and family

10. Praise Team, Invitational Ministry (baking bread)

11. Lifelong
12. Iron Rose Lanyard

13. Travel to Ireland

14. Any type of baked goodies

15. Prefer Sweets

16. Dog (Roxi) and Betta fish (Oscar)

17. Waited on by the pool

18. Bible

19. No

20. Beaded bookmarks


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely shop! Glad to have you on the team! God bless!

PACountry said...

Welcome to the team! Your jewelry is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

curlynetto said...

Thank you for the warm welcome and the compliments. I'm glad to be part of this team.

Christie Cottage said...

Pretty lady and pretty jewelry!

Welcome to Team CAC


curlynetto said...

Thank you, Christie. That's really sweet.