Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This makes 3! Welcome Penny!

1. Shop Name(s)

2. First Name

3. How long have you been a member of the Etsy Community?
since May 2010

4. Married/Single? Spouse's name

5. Birthday Month/Day... we don't need the year.
November 18

6. What state/country do you live in?
Tennessee, USA

7. Do you have any children? Will you tell us their lst name and age?
a son, Noah, age 14

8. How long have you been crafting what you sell on Etsy?
I have been crafting, sewing, painting for 30+ years. Currently I have fabric wall hangings, quilts and a mixed media painting for sale in my esty shop

9. When you have free time, what do you like to do? create, read, hang out with Noah

10. Are you on a ministry team at your church or do you have your own ministry?
What type is it?

11. How long have you been a Christian?
since 1973

12. What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
the painting, I like the depth of the meaning and I also enjoy the wall hangings. I had an idea to make a family tree out of fabric, I did, it turned out great, its not for sale but the idea led to make the wall hangings I currently have for sale.

13. What would you like to do that you have not done yet?
Make some money at all my crafting

14. If we were having a team party, what would you be bringing?
Whatever I was asked to bring, or if left up to me it would be something store bought, I'm a lousy cook.

15. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?
Usually salty, but I do have my sweet tooth days

16. What type of pets do you have, if any?
The sweetest dog ever, a malta-poo spaniel, 2 years old, spoiled rotten. His name is Coconut and his picture is on my shop page. My son also has a Jack Russel terrier mix, Angel and we have a mean cat, Sally Jean and Noah also has a spotted tail leopard gecko, Stickey.

17. Which of these three would you prefer to do? Hang glide, bungee jump, or sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot?
Hang glide provided I was given good istruction

18. If you were on a rocket to the moon, what is one thing you would want to have?
Potatoes, when you get sick of them one way you can always fix them another way.

19. Does your vehicle have a name, if so, what is it?
Not yet I haven't really had it long enough to determine a personality yet

20. Is there anything other type of items that you would like to add to your current shop?
yes, copper wire trees, handmade books. Someday maybe not necessarily for etsy but I would love to write a childrens book


jamfiescreations1 said...

Welcome to the team Penny. Hope we get to chat on the thread.

PACountry said...

Welcome to the team!

AMKreations said...

Welcome to Team CAC...this is a great group of people! We're glad you are part of the team!