Monday, November 2, 2009

Adding the Sales Blog to your Blog

CreekBedThreads says:

I just want to take this chance to remind everyone that it'd be really awesome if you could put a Cyber Monday Giveaway button on your blog, and possibly do a write up on it.

The giveaway starts on Monday, so we need to get as much attention to it as possible!

Here is the link where you can find the buttons:

Click on whatever button you want, click "all sizes" (has a magnifying glass next to it), then click "download the large size"

Save the file somewhere where you will remember it

If you use blogger, go to your dashboard (go to then sign in)

Click layout under the name of your blog

Click add a gadget

Scroll down to see the "picture" option and click it

Name it something like teamCAC giveaway

Caption can be again, whatever you like "click here to enter our super awesome 40+ item giveaway" would work :)

Enter for the link

Click "browse" and find where you saved the picture from flickr

Click Save

You're done! You can drag the gadget to wherever you want it to show up.

Thank you all in advance!!!!! Let me or one9 know if you have any questions.

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Christie Cottage said...

I will be adding it to my blog today.