Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Jennifer!

1. Shop Name(s) Mulberry Lane Folk Art

2. First Name Jennifer

3. How long have you been a member of the Etsy Community? I've been with Etsy since Nov. 2009

4. Married/Single? Spouse's name I'm married to Dale and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary.

5. Birthday Month/Day... we don't need the year. May 2nd

6. What state/country do you live in? Southwest Missouri

7. Do you have any children? Will you tell us their lst name and age? I have 5, Ben-31, Shawna-25, Melanie-22, and 2 stepdaughters Debbie-35 and Sara-32

8. How long have you been crafting what you sell on Etsy? My love for art, and drawing and painting started in my childhood. My mom painted in oils and two of my Aunts were artists at Hallmark Cards. In the early 80's when I discovered and learned to love Folk Art, and wood crafting, and started making things for myself and others. I love working with wood. I'm not afraid of major power tools. When I became a single mom in the 90's I started doing craft shows and wholesale marketing, but got a "regular job" and remarried and didn't do much with it for 15 years. Since all but one of my kids moved out I set up a new art room, found etsy and got back to crafting! I make game boards, birdhouses, folk art, signs, Bible verse plaques, and Noah's Arks, etc.

9. When you have free time, what do you like to do? Going to garage sales and gardening.

10. Are you on a ministry team at your church or do you have your own ministry?

What type is it? Not presently. I have taught Sunday school in the past.

11. How long have you been a Christian? I accepted Christ at a childrens meeting when I was 8 or 9 years old. At that age I was too shy to tell any adults, but I remember telling my friends in my neighborhood, how to get saved.

12. What is your favorite item in your shop right now? My Noah's Ark Bank

13. What would you like to do that you have not done yet? I want to make a larger Noah's Ark Toy/Collectible with more animals.

14. If we were having a team party, what would you be bringing? A fun desert called Dump Cake

15. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? dark chocolate!

16. What type of pets do you have, if any? Not any more...I like to look at other peoples pets!

17. Which of these three would you prefer to do? Hang glide, bungee jump, or sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot? Defiantly the latter!

18. If you were on a rocket to the moon, what is one thing you would want to have? My Bible and Dark Chocolate

19. Does your vehicle have a name, if so, what is it? Stupid thing with no air conditioning!

20. Is there anything other type of items that you would like to add to your current shop? More different Bible verse plaques. I haven't sold many, but I like the fact that maybe many different people will see God's word and consider Him.

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Penrose Designs said...

Welcome Jennifer - I love the name of your car! Your shop is awesome. This is my favorite!

I work at a Preschool - someday I may just have to get this for the school. :)