Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer Tuesday

Good morning all! My name is Carrie and I run the shop called ItsybitsyStore on Etsy. Here is my shop: http://itsybitsystore.etsy.com
It's been wonderful to be a part of a group of Christian members here on Etsy. After chatting with several of you on our team thread, I developed an idea for a place where we can all share our prayer requests. Prayer has become something I have really focused on this year in a new way. Growing up in a Christian home, it was easy to go through the motions of praying at meals, at night, at church. But now as an adult I have realized how important it truly is. It's my communication with God, my Father, my Creator! He delights in hearing from us- His children.
That being said this is the start of Prayer Tuesday! It's pretty simple. If you have a prayer request please post it here in comments. I will be the one heading it up, but I am open to suggestions as the Lord leads each of you. The primary goal? To pray for one another. How wonderful is it that He hears our voice, knows our hearts and answers us?
I look forward to lifting you up, and I hope you keep me in your prayers as well! Have a wonderful day, and welcome to Prayer Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask prayer for the upcoming outdoor craft show I'm doing on Saturday. That the weather would be fair and that the Lord would bless the sales. Thank you!

Alicia said...

I would like to pray for guidance in my career choice. I need to decide between etsy and "the real job" because doing both is killing me. I feel the Lord is opening the door as wide as he can for me and I'm hesitiating because it is a scary move.

I would also like to pray for my friend Katie. She is 27 weeks pregnant and he water actually broke at 23 weeks. They told her the baby would never make it unless she could hold on till 28 weeks. Sunday is 28 weeks and baby and mamma are doing well, in the hospital, but well. After 28 weeks every week give baby Sarah a better and better chance at being born happy and healthy.

Erin said...

This is a great thing ... and easier to find than sifting through the forum! Thanks for starting this, itsybitsy.

I need prayer for a family situation that isn't going well, and also for my body... it's been doing some weird things lately and I just pray that everything is ok. I'd really love to have my own children some day and I'd just like to ask prayer for that to be possible!

noahjlvega said...

My prayer request is for my friend's mother Doreen who is having a mastectomy tomorrow. She is 86 and very frail.
Please also pray for Kayla's little Kyle, that the Lord heals his little body very soon.
Please pray for a spiritual healing between me and my daughter Jodi.
Thank You!

noahjlvega said...

Sorry, incase you do not know me by my e-mail address, I am SUE.

Christie Cottage said...

Prayers for the new mother in father in New Jersey as they await their little baby to come home from the hospital.

Prayers for comfort and strength for another etsy shop keeper who suffered 2 deaths this past week in her inner circle of family and friends.

Prayers for all those who are struggling, no matter the circumstances, that God will guide them through it.

LindaCCC said...

I just would like to ask for prayer for the leaders of our country and other countries and that they make wise decisions.

Alicia said...

I have another one. A friend of mine, Marcie, just lost her mother unexpectedly. She was diagnoised with a UTI a few weeks ago and then her symptoms got horribly worse requiring emergency surgery and she never woke up. Marcia and her father need to be surrounded by the love our the heavenly Father.

cory said...

I would be grateful if you would all lift my daughter Shannon up to the lord. She was laid of on Friday, and is a bit down. This also means I don't have my grandson full time, which is fine short term, but means I might need to look for work,as well. As always, trusting in God comes first, so His will be done!

I have a friend, Crystal, battling cancer - a very aggressive skin cancer. She is young, 30's and so sweet.