Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting to know you/ Miranda'sPlace aka Miranda

Here's my getting to know you.
* Favorite Movie: This was hard because I don't have just one; That Touch of Mink, Shawshank Redemption, Pretty Woman, Last Holiday.
* T.V. Show: Mon. Heroes Tues. Nip/Tuck Thurs.CSI while tivoing Grey's Anatomy
* Hero: My Mother, she went back to school after I had graduated Highschool to finish her bachelors degree, then went on to get her master's degree while I was in college.
* Favorite Song: Prais Him in Advance, Marvin Sapp
* Music: Gospel, R&B, Jazz
* Creating: 5 years
* Inspiration: Everything, I can stay in a fabric store all day, just looking and thinking about what I could make next. The things that happen to me and people around me also inspire me to make things for others to help them.
*Creation Music: It depends on what type of day I have had and the type of motivation I need.
*Biggest Artistic Disaster: My Very First Quilt. Because I am originally a sewing person, I used the fabric that I already had and just made some squares in a simple pattern. I put the binding on wrong, removed it and never finished it. I had a good idea, I think, but it was not carried out.
* Favorite Piece: I have two. The first one is a quilt I made for my Sister-in-law who is batteling breast cancer. The second one is a quilt I made for my best friend's baby boy.
*Starting out advice: Take your time when quilting & enjoy it.
* Advice for others: Create things you like, take your time, and make sure you are having fun!!!
* Big Plans: I want to start creating more products that will enspire women to do what they dream. I have thoughts about products for Breast cancer as well as religiously inspirational.
* Where am I: right now, just on

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Knit2getherInLove said...

Great to "Meet" you Miranda!
DH and I are huge lovers of Gospel Music!