Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saving money with TeamCAC

If you are a team CAC member and offer a discount to team members, please
post your discount and shoppe name in a comment to this post.

This is only if it is an ongoing discount only.
It is not for special sales.

Hopefully that will allow us to find you and your discount easier.

Thanks so much.



Anonymous said...

Hi Angela wonderful idea, my shop is and to all my wonderful friends here on team cac there is a 20% discount on orders! Hope to see ya soon!!

Christie Cottage said...

This is a great idea!

I will offer a 20% discount on items, as well. Just put a "note to seller" 20% CAC member.


Peek A Boo Productions said...

My shops are

I am now offering 10% off total purchase and shipping to all TeamCAC members! :) All the time! :) Just add TeamCAC to comments from buyer... :)

Matic Studio said...

I always offer 20% off my regular prices to all CAC members. Just enter CAC20 in your notes to seller and wait for a revised invoice.

In the event that I am currently RUNNING a sale, I offer an additional 10% off TOTAL order price (including s+h) on top of my current. sale-
just enter CAC10TOTAL in your notes to seller and blah blah blah

AND I combine shipping between all shops and offer a refund of any shipping overages above $2.

A List Creations said...

Great Idea! My shop is and I am offering 20% off for all TeamCAC members! Just put a reminder in a message from the buyer when you buy! :)

Uniquely Yours Crafters said...

We will offer a 20% discount to all Team CAC members. Please put a "note to seller" letting us know that you are a Team CAC member. We will send a revised invoice.

Knit2getherInLove said...

Thanks Angela!!

I am offering 20% off and free shipping for CAC members in

I am offering 10% and free shipping in

Please notate CACteam in the message to seller line, and I will send a refund via Paypal.

Anonymous said...
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knitblitz said...

Offering discounts from both my stores: and 20% off for teamcac members. Just put a note in message to seller and I will send you a revised invoice. Thanks!

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

Hi I want to offer 10% discount and free shipping to all members of team CAC

dancing horse gallery said...

I'd love to offer a 20% discount to Team CAC members!

Just make a note to me at checkout: "Member of Team CAC 20%".
I will refund your discount amount via PayPal immediately following your purchase.

Happy shopping in the CAC team!

Carol said...

Hi! If a CAC member orders from MimiRob, they'll get a 20% discount. Please let me know before ordering, or in the 'note to seller' box, okay?
Thanks! :)

Peek A Boo Productions said...

I just wanted to let y'all know that if you are a TeamCAC member, our dear friend Krispy has this to offer: offers a 20% discount to all TeamCAC members.


Momma Liz said...

Momma Liz is offering CAC team members a 5% discount on items under $25.00 and a 10% discount on items $25.00 and above. New items for Christmas to be listed soon.

Momma Liz said...

LadyMaysFabritique is offering a 5% discount on all items under $25.00 and a 10% discount on items $25.00 and above. Will begin posting Christmas items in the next couple of weeks. Hope you find something you can use and God bless you.

Alicia said...


I am willing to offer 10% off total purchase to all TeamCAC members! Just note that you are a TeamCAC member to comments from buyer.


Anonymous said...

I will give a 10% discount on any purchase to Team CAC Members. Please note "Team CAC" in your note to seller and I will send a refund to your paypal! =)

Dionne said...

If any of you TeamCAC peeps would like to purchase from, just shoot me a convo to let me know what you want, and I can put up a new listing for you with 15% off the original price.


Erin said...

I would like to offer either 10% off all my items! Make sure you let me know you're teamCAC. I can adjust the listing for you, or just refund in paypal.

HaloHatz said...

My Team CAC girls can get a 20% discount anytime. TeamCAC in the comments please:)