Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting to know you/ AMKreations aka Anita

To start, please tell us a bit about yourself. What's your story?
My name is Anita…hence AMK my initials…and I've been sewing and crafting for many years. I believe the creative gene runs in my family. =) I was born in NY to two wonderful individuals, Dad & Mom. They instilled in me an attitude for working hard and being faithful in whatever I do.

I've been married to my husband for ten years and we have two beautiful children, Rebekah, 8, and Stephen, 5. We live at a residential Bible College here in NYS, called Zion Ministerial Institute. We are in full time ministry here at the Bible School. After marriage and motherhood, my creativeness was put on hold for a bit. However, as my children grew I decided that I'd like to begin doing something again. My bent went toward bags, beginning with simple place mat totes and progressing on to my current creations. I don't like to use patterns, so most all of my bags are just simply rotary cut to a size that works for me. I've also made smaller bags and various styles as I feel the urge to be creative. My newest bags are quilted...however that takes a lot more time, which is limited in my life, so I don't get to make many like that. =) I also crochet, make jewelry, and craft in other areas too.

When I’m not doing all those things…I enjoy playing the piano, rummaging…flea markets, yard sales, thrift shop and the like, reading Christian Novels, spending time with family and friends, being outdoors on walks with my children, visiting parks and fun places, and just relaxing…which is rare. =)

What is your favorite quote? Well, that’s not an easy one-so many people said so many good things…but I do think this one is appropriate in life… “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” or how about “Never, but never give up!”

What is your favorite movie? This is hard too. =) I like BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, but I also like Wives and Daughters, North and South and a couple others. I like clean period pieces.

What is your favorite TV show? We don’t watch much tv, but have mostly enjoyed the Amazing Race when it is on.

Do you have a hero, if so, who? why? Well, Jesus is my Hero! I can’t begin to imagine all that He endured for my sake…and how much He loves me…that He was willing to die for me…He’s my Hero!

What is your favorite song at the moment? “I Stand in Awe of You”

What kinds of music do you listen to? I listen to Praise & Worship Music and some Christian Instrumental.

How long have you been creating? Probably since I was a kid…but I remember vividly working to help make crafts for a church bazaar when I was around 10 or 11 years old. That was probably the time when I realized I was actually pretty good at being creative. Then my mother began teaching me to sew…after that I learned to crochet…and some things I just pick up along the way…I figure that I could make something and give it a try…it usually works. =)

What inspires you? Saving money and helping other people save money too!!! I guess that when you learn to live within your means and don’t always get to buy something just because you “want it” or “have to have it”, you get creative. I would look at bags and say, “That’s pretty, but it’s really expensive!” Then I realized one day that I could probably make my own bags. After that I thought I might be able to sell them inexpensively to friends and family…and since then things have just progressed nicely! I like to be creative, it’s an outlet for me, and I like to do things for other people…and make them happy. I think that many people have been able to buy a bag from me and enjoy it simply because they could afford too. That’s a great feeling!

Is there any kind of music you listen to when you create? I have my Praise and Worship going…I don’t like it to be too silent there…and the music is a sort of uplifting sound…and it causes you to meditate and think…as you hear the words.

What's your biggest artistic disaster to date? Ummm…..I don’t know about biggest disaster…some of the bags I’ve made have been too long…or have little imperfections, but they all tend to come out alright in the end. I guess if I did have a disaster, it was trying to alter an outfit I picked up second hand…it was a linen outfit and so pretty…however I don’t do alterations and ended up trashing it in the end…because I really destroyed it…about $4 down the drain, but it taught me never to buy something that was too big…cause I wouldn’t be able to fix it!

What's your favorite piece that you've done? Hmmm….I really like how Alycia’s bag turned out…I threw the bow on it just because it was a scrap of leftover fabric, but it really turned out cute. I think that most of my bags turn out nicely…it’s just finding the right buyer. =)

What's the best advice you were given when starting out? I was told that I should start trying to sell my bags…that they were so nice. I think that was good advice. I’m not the type to put myself forward…I’d rather have someone come to me. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. =)

Do you have any advice to give others? I would say, make sure that you are doing the Lord’s will. I prayed before I jumped into this bag making endeavor and talked it over with my husband. Sometimes we get ourselves into trouble just doing something because we want to do it…God blesses those things that are His will for our lives. So pray hard!

Also, be balanced…God, Family, then Others…don’t let your hobbies or things you want to do, take away from the important things in your life. “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

What's coming up for you; any big plans artistically? No, I just want to keep using up supplies I’ve accumulated, trust the Lord to sell for me and enjoy it in the process.

Where can we find you? Both online and in stores.
My etsy shop is
I also consign locally in:
Briar Patch Candle & Gift Shoppe Inc
186 Front St., Owego, NY 13827
(607) 223-4033‎

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