Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Woman that Inspires Me written by HaloHatz

There aren’t a lot of people in my life that I would consider a role model or someone that I would like to be like. I have met many great women, but none have inspired me or encouraged me like my friend Claudia. Claudia is the mother of my best friend, Gia. I met her not long after I met Gia; they are a very close family and they are in each other’s lives daily. So to know Gia is to know her parents.

When I first met Claudia I was not a believer, but she was kind and sweet, always giving hugs and being completely genuine, even if she didn’t know you well. We became closer as the years went by and she and her husband, Ron, were very instrumental in my search for the Lord. Claudia had a bible study with me and was so encouraging and wise. She would pray with me and call to check on me often. I would sit with her and the whole family at church and I really felt loved by them all. When I did become a believer, it was Ron who baptized me.

Claudia is a wonder woman, truly. She takes care of her husband, her mother, her home and still makes time to be part of her five grandchildren’s lives almost daily. She never forgets a special day, a birthday or a holiday. She treats my husband and my children as if we were part of the family and she reminds me that we are just that, family.

Claudia is such a godly woman. She has been through some big trials in her life, but she trusts the Lord with everything. She takes everything to the cross and prays continually for God to guide her life. When I need advice or help with any situation I turn to Claudia. She directs me to the Lord, first and foremost. She is gentle and kind and is sure to tell me when my thinking may not be in line with God’s.

So, when I think of someone I would most want to be like, it is Claudia. She is not perfect; but in my book, she’s as close to perfect as a woman can be. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is my friend, my mentor, my sister in Christ.