Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Annual Team CAC Christmas Contest

The first annual Christmas contest starts THIS Sunday! You will be given a list of well known Christmas song titles and you will have to figure out what they are. I won't make it that easy though! The titles won't be obvious, they will be exaggerated and well, it might make your brain hurt trying to figure out what they are.

*~* Contest dates
- Contest starts 12/07/08 and ends 12/14/08. Answers MUST BE emailed to me by 12:00 AM CST on 12/14/08. Any emails after that will not be eligible. I will disqualify any answers posted to here and etsy. Emails only!

*~* Eligibility
- Contest is open to all sellers and buyers on etsy, including international folks
- Sellers (Team CAC members) providing gifts are not eligible to participate, along with their families

*~* *~* Prizes will be mailed no later than 12/22/08. People outside the US, please allow extra time for gift basket to arrive.

*~* *~* *~* *~* Drawing
- One winner will randomly be chosen by me on or after December 15, 2008. Once winner has been chosen, they will be notified via email. So check your emails people! :D

*~* *~* List of participating shops.

The following shops are providing prizes for the gift basket.

Erika Price Designs
Jo Bead
Matt's Crafty Wife
Cherry's Creations
MF Cardworks
Amy's Treasures
Flamingo Lady

I'm still waiting on prizes, once I have them in house, I will show off all the lovely prizes you can win.


kim* said...

pretty fun! i will have to bookmark you, hopefully i remember

Team Christian Artists and Crafters said...

Sweet! I'll post reminders on the forums as best as I can. I should be able to pop in Sunday during the day and remind folks. Keep an eye on the promotions forum for the thread(s). I have one up there now, check back often.