Sunday, December 7, 2008


DON'T CHEAT!!!! I'll know if you cheated!

Figure out the titles of these popular Christmas songs. You MUST email your answers by 12/14/08, to me at

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When emailing your answers be sure to include your name, address, country (if appropriate), and most importantly... your etsy username!



My sold desire for this Yuletide Season is receipt of a pair of central incisors.

From dark ‘til dawn. Soundless and sanctimonious

Celestial Messengers from Splendid Empires

The antlered quadruped with the cerise proboscis

The event occurred at one minute after 11:59 p.m. with visibility unlimited

Ornament enclosure with large sprigs of berry-bearing evergreen

Personal hallucinations of alabaster December 25th

Anticipation of this Noel’s mementos: Nil

Clappered, inverted cups, amalgamated

Testimony of witness of maternal parent’s infidelity with Kris Kringle

In a distant bovine diner

Universal elation

O miniature Nazarene Village.

The approach of the holiday commemorating the birth of Christ is become evident

May Jehovah grant unto you makes hilarious retirement

Those of you, who are true, come here!

Are you detecting same aural sensations as I am?

The diminutive male of less than adult age who plays a percussion instrument

Primary Yuletide

Heavenly cherubs announcing in song – listen

Reining Monarchs of the Far East

Who’s the mystery kid?

Proclaim it to the hills

Pastoral woolies nocturnally observed in vigilance by herdsmen

Village expectations of a yuletide emissary