Monday, March 7, 2011

TTC - Spring Transition

Hi all! Well, I actually tried to post this yesterday but for some reason, Blogger (or the blogger) was having issues. I couldn't change the font colors, couldn't save a draft, nothing, nada. So I gave up (after losing everything I wrote) and decided to get away from the computer before it took flight. ;) haha. BUT, anyway, here we go... take 2.

As some of you know, right now, I'm loving all things spring. Daffodils, tulips, johnny-jump-ups, cherry blossoms, chilly nights, cool mornings, warm afternoons. Of course, this is the romanticized side of spring. Right now, we won't talk about tax season, allergies and muddy yards. Let's just focus on the good stuff, shall we? haha! In honor of the romanticized side of spring, allow me to introduce this month's TTC: Spring Transition.

Whether you are still getting snow, or already wearing flipflops, embrace the loveliness of your dream spring and get creative while you're curating. It could be spring colors, spring accessories, whatever your interpretation may be. Just get caught up in a spring breeze, and go with it. I'm excited to see all the lovely Treasuries you are going to create.

Now, for the good stuff: hARTjewelry has so graciously offered to provide a SURPRIZE (that's a surpise prize) for our top two winners and of course, you'll still get a free ad on the team blog. And of course, here are the rules:


1. All team members are allowed to participate.

2. To participate, you must make a Treasury that is your interpretation of the Challenge Theme. In this case, the Challenge Theme is Spring Transition.

3. You must include at least 10 items from TeamCAC members.

4. You must tag your Treasury with "teamcac", "challenge", "spring", in order for your Treasury to be counted as an entry. You can use any other tags you want, but to be counted as an entry, it must include those three tags.

5. The top 10 (TEN) Treasuries with the most COMMENTS (not views, not clicks but COMMENTS) will be entered among the "Finals". The "Finals" will then be posted to the Team Blog where we all get to go vote for our favorites.

6. There is no limit to the number of Treasuries you can make, but you are only allowed ONE Treasury (per shop) in the Finals.

The TTC will be open until Sunday, March 13th Then I will start sifting through the Treasuries to determine the Finals and they will be posted on the team blog next week. So have fun and of course...

...if you have any additional questions regarding this TTC, please email me at or convo me on Etsy. ♥
(If you are interested in sponsoring a prize for the TTC, please email/convo me.)


Anonymous said...

I finally made one! Here it is...
Spring Springs
Thanks for all you do to get this together Regina!

Strigl Design said...

This is a fun challenge! I made a list....
Mrs Spring and her Flower girls...

Thank you!
MoSt Anything Hawaii

galoregirl said...

Oh...I love this challenge! My theme is "by the pond" and all things that can be found there! Green, of course, is the main colour! Can be found here:

thanks to u!