Friday, October 16, 2009

Snail Mail Christmas Card Exchange

If you would like to participate in a snail mail Christmas card exchange with the other team members, please send your snail mail addy to the TeamCACModerators avi on etsy. So far we have 11 participating. I am looking to have this list complete by November 15th and sent out by November 20th.

You do not have to hand make your cards, unless you really really want to.
Don't look for hand made cards from me... it won't be happening :o)

I love you team mates. Y'all are the most awesome team in Etsyland!!!!!!

I just checked my spelling on this post... the only words misspelled are those having to do with etsy. It is funny that etsy has a whole different set of words!


Christie Cottage said...

I am just posting so you'll know I stopped by!

Debbie said...

I'm so glad I joined this's only been a short while, but I have been blessed...thanks everyone!

cindy said...

I have just requested to be a team member and if I am selected to be a part of the team I am interested in the Snail Mail card exchange - everybody loves mail!

now i am gonna finish exploring this blog!

M said...

hi, I just became a member ;o)
I'm interested in the Snail Mail card exchange!